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137 King Street, St. Augustine, FL.

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Paula Pascucci


I'm drawn to the pastel medium because of the luminous quality of the pure pigment and love its immediacy and the purity of color.


At the age of 10 years, I began drawing and my subject matter was life as I knew it; mainly my family. I'd draw my sisters in curlers watching TV (much to their chagrin!) using any type of material that I could get my hands on! I attribute my love of figure work and portraits to these early years. 


Growing up on the coast of New England, I began incorporating my figure-work with the coastal landscape. My goal is to share with you a sentimental connection to this world by bringing to mind a familiar feeling or memory. I hope to do this not only through my subject matter but through my color composition as well.


I studied at the Art Institute of Boston, Mass College of Art, and the Museum of Fine Art School. After graduating, I worked in the corporate field but always made time to paint and exhibit part time. After retiring, my husband and I moved to St. Augustine where I now enjoy a full-time business as an artist.

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