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First Friday Gallery Walk

Friday, October 1
11am - 9pm
Meet the Guest Artists: 5pm - 7pm

Gallery Hours 11am - 9pm 

For this, our second Invitational Exhibition, many of our members have invited artists they admire to exhibit work alongside them during the month of October. Many of these artists will also be at the gallery during First Friday Artwalk between 5-7pm. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn more about their work!. Stop in to see this exciting new display that features a diverse mix of seasoned and emerging artists!


1. Stacey Fletcher | Selected by Juliana Romnes

Juliana Romnes has been an admirer of Stacey Fletcher’s mixed-media paintings for quite some time and felt that her work would be a good compliment to her photography. On the surface, their work is quite different, but both artists emphasize abstraction, bold forms, and expressive movement.. Fletcher elaborates on her work, explaining, “Largely inspired by abstract expressionism, naive mark making, intuitive gestures, and driven by symbolism, my work is layered with metaphors of myself and others. These paintings often incorporate a sense of childhood imagery disguised among the colorful layers that contrast with a chaotic approach to energetic mark making.” 

Stacey Fletcher is a Professor of 2D Studio Arts at Daytona State College. She received a Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 2003, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting & Drawing from Valdosta State University, Georgia, in 2000. She has exhibited in many exhibitions in the United States and abroad, and she was also selected to participate in an International Painting Residency in Chelm, Poland. Her work is widely collected, and she has received many awards and recognitions over the years.

 2. Stephanie Futch | Selected by Norma Cherry

Norma Cherry has watched Stephanie Futch evolve as an artist from a young child to a daring, innovative, young woman.  Cherry explains, “Her exploration of the arts is broad and has awarded her recognition in the fashion arts. Stephanie’s talent has no boundaries as she continues to expand upon her artistic abilities.”

Futch’s interest in art goes back to an early age. She remembers finger-painting secret foldable art masterpieces for her kindergarten boyfriend and slipping them into his hand as they passed each other in the hallway. Norma Cherry taught her how to sew Barbie clothing and later, custom clothing for herself. Futch continued to paint and draw all throughout high school and college. Over time, her work has evolved into an edgy, eclectic, elegant, and diverse palette of art, jewelry, and accessories. She encourages upcycling and recycling, and sustainability is at the core of everything she creates.

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3. Marie Henle | Selected by Tina Henle

Tina Henle has always held a deep admiration for the work of her late sister Marie and chose to honor her mastery of the etching process and her advocacy for nature by featuring her work in this year’s Invitational  

Marie Henle was both a painter and a printmaker. She was known for her layered multiple imagery trademark style, giving added intricacy and depth to her subject matter. Etching is a laborious process of working with solvents, acids and inks on zinc plates to produce these complex pieces, often taking a month of consistent work to complete. Her etchings have been exhibited in solo and group shows across the US and internationally and are in numerous private and corporate collections. 


4. Julissa Marie | Selected by Emma Greenhill

Emma Greenhill recently met Julissa Marie while promoting her new book. After they got to chatting, Julissa shared some of her work on Instagram with her, and mentioned that she was exploring avenues to promote her work, but was going through a difficult time.  This led to Emma inviting Julissa to show work in this Invitational so that her work can be seen by new audiences. Emma states, “Julissa has some great ideas. I love her use of color and the boldness of her work.”
Julissa Marie was raised in Jacksonville, Florida and has been making art since she was a child as a means of expressing her feelings. She explains, “I found myself drawing faces using mostly lines and, over time, this developed into my own, abstracted style.”
Julissa works in many mediums, including acrylic and spray paint and, from time to time, creates graphic designs. For the past three years, she has been using social media platforms to share her art. She elaborates, “ I’ve sold over 100 + pieces and will continue to go with the flow even during these hard times. I’ve made art through the struggle of being a full time artist and will continue on using this form of expression as my own therapy.”


5. Kirsten Miller | Selected by Jan Miller

Jan Miller, the founder of Butterfield Garage, has invited her daughter, Kirsten Miller, to exhibit in her space for this year’s invitational exhibition. Jan elaborates, “Kirsten comes from a family of professional artists and has been immersed in art her entire life. She was regularly exposed to art exhibitions at galleries and museums and has been involved in regular conversations about art. She has always experimented with mixed media art for her own enjoyment and, over the years, developed her own distinctive and vibrant style. She is prolific and produces one amazing original after another.”
Kirsten is excited to be exhibiting a series of colorful, abstracted mixed-media designs in ink, pastel and acrylic pencils. Kirsten explains, “My art has always mimicked my mood and place in life. My current style was developed during the quarantine, and I have to say it's never been more colorful! As everyday life slowed down, this is what flowed. I am never working without my music playing and I think of these as lyrical abstractions. I am very happy to share the joy I had in creating them.” 


6. Katherine E. Parker Selected by Per Hans Romnes

Butterfield artist Per Hans Romnes is showcasing artwork by the late painter and printmaker Katherine E. Parker. Katherine lived and worked in St. Augustine for thirty years. She was a long-term member of the St. Augustine Art Association, won over a hundred awards in juried competitions and exhibited in fine art shows such as Coconut Grove Art Show in Miami and Disney’s Festival of the Masters in Orlando. She studied at the Art Institute of Boston, Penland in North Carolina and Haystack in Maine.  She developed a joyful style that celebrates nature and the female experience.  She was influenced by her love for illustration and enjoyment of life on the Florida coast.

Per Hans Romnes became familiar with Parker’s work as a fellow member of the Center for Spiritual Living in St. Augustine. After succumbing to a difficult battle with cancer, Katherine’s remaining artwork was gifted to the Center so that it could be sold to help raise funds for local charities, including scholarships for children with special needs, local food banks, and programs supporting the elderly in nursing homes. Per Hans has chosen to showcase her immense talent in this display, and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her work will go to local charities in her honor.


7. Kim Porter Selected by Martha Ferguson

Martha Ferguson met Kim Porter in Ocean Grove, NJ at a gallery where they both exhibited. She states, “I’ve always admired her art and have enjoyed watching her style develop over time.  Kim’s mosaics are flawless in execution. She has a strong sense of design and I love her use of colors and how they harmonize.”
A native New Yorker, Kim Porter has exhibited and sold her work since 1999. Although primarily self-taught, she continues to expand her knowledge and experience by attending workshops whenever possible. Her work can be found in private collections throughout the United States, Canada and the UK. She now lives and works in Palm Coast, Florida. About her process, Porter explains, “I am currently focusing on the creation of fine art mosaics. I do some sketching and planning at the beginning of a project, but I prefer to work spontaneously. Driven by the endless possibilities of working with a broad range of materials, my greatest joy in the mosaic process is often found in searching for and selecting the materials that often inspire the design of a piece. The work then becomes a captivating exploration with sometimes surprising results. I am witnessing the evolution of a mosaic as I am creating it.”


8. Jo SinclairSelected by Ron Vellucci

Ron Vellucci has been amazed by Jo Sinclair’s work since discovering it when he moved to St. Augustine in 2004.  He explains, “Whatever media Jo chooses to explore, whether it's painting, mixed media, encaustic, paper, fiber or even remnants of construction materials, she creates powerful artwork that truly expose her gifts as a major talent." During COVID, Jo added another medium to the mix when she turned her focus to photography, and Ron felt that this display would be an excellent opportunity for her to present some new work from this series titled Tales of Tides and Skies.

About this new series of photographs, Sinclair explains, “As a professional artist who has explored multiple mediums in the studio practice of over 43 years, I have recently fallen in love with the art of photography to communicate the fathomless inspirations of the symphonic seas, the shifting sands, the ever-moving tides and the open theatrical skies that have profoundly affected me. And of new feathered friends that have given wings to my creativity. From the ocean depths of my soul and the ethereal flights of my spirit, I wish to share with others the magical, spiritual and healing experiences provided by Mother Nature during ritual morning walks at dawn and sometimes dusk along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.”


9. Jan Tomlinson Master | Selected by Nancy Hamlin-Vogler

Jan Tomlinson Master is an interdisciplinary artist and educator based in St. Augustine and Welaka, Florida. Her work has been shown and collected nationally and in Aviles, Spain, representing St. Augustine as a 450th Compassionate obelisk artist. Her collaborations on public art can be seen in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra and St. Augustine. Master was a founding member of Butterfield Garage and is now represented by Arts on Douglas in New Smyrna Beach
Known for her large sculptural installations that contrast man made material with those from nature, Jan Tomlinson Master’s mixed media works are a response to the concerns of the present, be it environmental, societal, or personal. Over the past year and a half, Master was simultaneously navigating the pandemic lockdown while convalescing from a serious illness. These factors led her to explore artmaking on a smaller scale. Using paint, plaster and paper clay on wood to form abstract botanical wall pieces, she reflects on the symbolism of flowers to promote healing of the body and mind.
Nancy Hamlin-Vogler has known and worked with Jan for a long time and is inspired by her intriguing handling of materials in both large installations and her poetry mirrors. Her work gives viewers a chance to pause for thought and contemplation.


10. Teri Tompkins Selected by Cindy Wilson

Cindy Wilson has known Teri Tompkins for over fifty years. Though her medium and style has changed over time, Wilson has always admired her willingness to follow her own instincts and create from her unique, personal viewpoint. For this display, Tompkins is presenting a collection of paintings from a continuing body of work inspired by the natural world and a longing to preserve it. These works are created using gold leaf, acrylics, and other materials on birch panels, built to be as archivally sound as possible. Tompkins elaborates, “As I often paint more classical portraits and figures in oils, these more illustrative pieces wind up being “portraits” of favorite creatures and botanicals, and a bit fantastical at times. For me, the environmental works become the perfect way to weave a life-long obsession with the Italian Renaissance together with my Southern upbringing and prayers for the world we live in.” 


11. Enzo Torcoletti Selected by Kathryn Carlyle 

Kathryn Carlyle felt an intrinsic connection to Enzo Torcoletti’s sculptures the first time she saw them on display at the Plum Gallery in St. Augustine and at Arts on Douglas in New Smyrna Beach. She also noticed there was a connection between his work and her own paintings and designs and she jumped at the opportunity to share her space with him for this collaborative exhibition.

Enzo Torcoletti was born in Italy and attended art school there before he moved to Canada where he received a B.A. in English Literature and a B.F.A. in Sculpture and Printmaking from the University of Windsor.  He completed his M.F.A. in Sculpture at Florida State University before moving to St. Augustine, where he still resides.



He is an Emeritus Professor of Art at Flagler College where he taught Sculpture, Drawing, and Art History since 1971. For the last 45 years he has been focused on creating work that sculpturally and graphically explores the historical, mythological, and symbolic implications of the human figure, with an emphasis on the female form. Enzo states “ I delight in all forms of figurative sculpture and borrow freely from past and current influences. Primitive fetishes, Cycladic idols, Greek deities, Renaissance Madonnas, contemporary movie stars, fashion models and matrons are equally involved in my compositions. I think of my work as a mixture of magical reincarnations of images from the past, rendered in a new fashion with new technology and contemporary design concepts.” 


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