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137 King Street, St. Augustine, FL.


First Friday Gallery Walk
Friday, January 6th

Gallery Hours 11am - 9pm 

Ron Vellucci

"Tokens of Affection"

Artist Talk

Ron will discuss his new collection of work "Tokens of Affection"

 First Friday Art Walk, January 6th

6:00 PM

"Token of Affection #3" by Ron Vellucci

Stop in and see what's new and don't forget to pick up a Shuttle Sticker for complimentary shuttle service to St. Augustine galleries between 6-9 pm on the night of the Gallery Walk.

About the Artist

To experience Ron Vellucci’s wall constructions, is taking a journey into an uncharted universe, full of mysteries and unexpected materials. Ron’s work is inspired by patterns and images, which he creates using combinations of wood, metal, stone, photographs and other materials. Shaping his “personal language of materials” results in always surprising works that encourage the viewer to ponder;  examining the balance and harmony constructed from layers of tactile materials and subtle details. 


Wood is often at the core. Ron explores which palette of woods to use, grain direction and figure, subtle changes in natural coloration, decisions on relief relationships, overlays or inlays, contrasts in texture and color, subtle or dramatic detailing…”these are just some of the decisions which take place during my creative process” explains Ron.. “It is through these sensitive conversations that each piece is born. The closer you look, the more I think you will appreciate that language of materials.”


Ron has always loved making things and working with his hands. His father was a cabinet maker and his woodshop was Ron’s playground as a child.  From an early age Ron learned a dedication to craftsmanship, an appreciation for materials, and a proficiency with woodworking tools. 


Travels in Europe sparked a heightened appreciation for art and craftsmanship.  As he has moved around the US, Ron has found a welcoming art community, and new patrons who admire his fresh, sometimes quirky perspective. Freshly retired, Ron’s a passion for creating, growing as an artist and exploring new horizons has begun anew. A collection of these will be on display throughout the month at Butterfield Garage.

"Shrine of Creativity" by Ron Vellucci

Ron in his studio


Butterfield Garage Art Gallery is a leader in the presentation of traditional and contemporary visual arts and fine crafts.
As an artist-run gallery, we encourage the experience of direct accessibility and dialogue between artists, patrons and our 
community within Northeast Florida.

Butterfield Garage adheres to current CDC protocols

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