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137 King Street, St. Augustine, FL.

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Cindy Wilson


After a 30-year career as an award-winning graphic artist and owner of a full-service design and advertising firm, Cindy retired December of 2013. Cindy now works most days in her studio, experimenting with wax and dyes. The transition from a graphic artist to a batik artist is less of a leap than one might think, batiks are very graphic, images must be broken down into shapes and colors, and the process of creating colors through a series of dipping the cloth into multiple colored dye baths takes a lot of thought and planning. It’s the kind of analytical thinking done constantly by a graphic artist.

She initially learned batik from a workshop with Wendy Tatter in St. Augustine and began to explore batik on her own. In 2013 she studied with Beth and Jonathan Evans, accomplished batik artists in Colorado. A large percentage of her work is based on her personal interactions with nature, hiking deep into the woods looking for solitary spots to inspire her next batiks. Many but not all are Northern Florida subjects. There is a series of Havana, Cuba, Maine and New England along with an emerging interest in working with Indigo dye to create monochromatic batiks.

Currently her work can be seen at:
Butterfield Garage Art Gallery, King Street, St. Augustine, Florida
Dryden Gallery, Providence, RI.
Bascom Center for the Arts, Highlands NC

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