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Brass chain with trade beads
Maureen Crescenzo
Brass chain with trade beads and amber center from Nepal $48
Open plaited leather lariat
Maureen Crescenzo
Open plaited leather lariat with turquoise, pewter and glass beads $128
18K gold ring and chains
Maureen Crescenzo
18 K gold ring and chains with citrine lapis amber jade carnelian amethyst and peridot $168
Fine antique chain, multi drop
Maureen Crescenzo
Fine antique chain with multi chain drop recycled java glass copal trade and prayer beads $98
Adjustable “ladder” with bone
Maureen Crescenzo
Adjustable “ladder” with bone jade turquoise and trade beads $128
Sunset suede fringe woven leather
Maureen Crescenzo
A large wearable art piece with sunset suede fringe woven leather and assorted world trade beads a bargain at $300
Navajo necklace
Maureen Crescenzo
Remake of a 45 year old Navajo necklace of turquoise and alabaster with added center and original silver closure and stones $288
Suede fringe ancient trade beads
Maureen Crescenzo
Large wearable art piece with suede fringe ancient trade beads ,coral brass bells and carved yak bone from Thailand $325
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Maureen Crescenzo


It started with a bead 60 years ago that lead to a collection that turned to a life long passion. My pieces incorporate fine gemstones, chains, leather and especially unique ancient beads from the four corners of the world. My collection highlights plaited leather with embedded stones and various hanging centerpieces creating one of a kind tribal inspired adornments especially for you. Truly original nothing faux about it!





Maureen Crescenzo



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