Gourd, mixed media, acrylic paint
9x12.5" SOLD
Jan's Muse
Wall hanging
Gourd, mixed media, acrylic paint
15x13x14” $375
Chicken Man
Gourd , mixed media , acrylic paint
10x 13” SOLD
Gourd, mixed media, acrylic paint
8x16” SOLD
Gourd, mixed media, acrylic paint
Gourd, mixed media, acrylic paint
10x18” SOLD
Gourd ,mixed media and acrylic paint
8x23” $375
Gourd, mixed media, acrylic paint
9x12" SOLD
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I have been an artist for over 47 years. I came to St. Augustine from Chicago over 27 years ago. I founded the Butterfield Garage Art Gallery in 1999 and we have been a major contributor to the art scene here ever since. I have always been a very prolific artist and have been honored to have my work in many private and corporate collections throughout the U.S.


I had been a still life painter for much of my career but have created 'Gourd Characters' for the last several years. The features of the character are built up with paper clay and the body is composed of found objects, like cans, bottles, vases I find in resale shops. I use mixed media, paper mache and acrylic paint to complete the sculpture. No matter how much I try to control what the character becomes I am usually surprised myself as the creative energies have their own way. The end result is usually humorous and a joy to make.

Jan Miller


Studio - by appointment


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